5 Hidden Signs Of Water Damage

Water can be one of the worst problems that affect your home. Whether it's in the ceiling, floors, or walls, water can compromise the structural integrity of these sections in your house. This is why it's always important to identify areas that have been damaged by water and have them dried, repaired, or replaced. However, this is easier said than done. Damage caused by water often occurs slowly and starts in parts of the house that you may not be able to see or pay much attention to.

Peering Into Your Crawlspace: Things You Might Find As The Result Of Moisture

As a general rule, most people ignore their crawlspaces. Others do not even know that they have a crawlspace until a building contractor or building inspector points it out to them. Even then, they are likely to ignore it, figuring that it is not worth their time and energy to wiggle around on their stomachs inside a crawlspace to store anything. However, if you do have a crawlspace, it is a good idea to check it out from time to time.