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The Exterior Water Excavation Guide To Prepare Your Foundation For New Waterproofing

Sometimes, waterproofing and foundation drainage systems wear out and fail. Repairs to these problems are often just patches, and the waterproofing needs to be updated. For quality waterproofing and drainage installations to be done, you are going to need to excavate around the foundation. Exterior water excavation services are the ideal cost-effective solution for these jobs, and the following guide will help you prepare your home.:

  • Clearly Mark Pipes and Utilities—Before you do any type of excavations around your home, buried pipes and utility installations must be marked. A surveying service can mark all the buried lines before excavating to help prevent problems when you begin work around your foundation. In addition, you want to clearly mark any areas around the foundation where there are buried pipes, utilities, or other vulnerable materials.
  • Landscaping Plants Near the Foundation—There may be shrubs and other plants around your foundation. You will want to remove the plants from your landscaping near your foundation to make room for the work to be done. If you want to save the plants, dig up the area around the root ball, and cover it with a cloth while the excavation work is being done. Keep the soil of root balls wet until the work is completed, and the plants can be replanted in the landscaping near your foundation.
  • Make Sure Equipment Can Access the Foundation—The equipment that is going to do the water excavations will need to have access to your foundation. Therefore, it is important to clear a path around the perimeter of your home. This will allow workers and equipment to work freely around your home while the exterior water excavations are being done.
  • Plan Temporary Drainage and Water Retainment Systems—Water excavations will involve removing the soil from around your foundation and preparing for improvements to be done. This will require temporary drainage to protect the structure, and a containment solution to hold water that is being used for the excavations and the water that drains from the drainage system. The containment system can be a reservoir that is dug away from the structure, or a dry well system if there is a limited amount of space on your property. 

These are things that you should do to prepare your home for exterior water excavations and upgrades to foundation waterproofing. If you are ready to begin updating your foundation with new waterproofing and drainage systems, contact exterior water excavation services to help with the digging around the foundation.