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Peering Into Your Crawlspace: Things You Might Find As The Result Of Moisture

As a general rule, most people ignore their crawlspaces. Others do not even know that they have a crawlspace until a building contractor or building inspector points it out to them. Even then, they are likely to ignore it, figuring that it is not worth their time and energy to wiggle around on their stomachs inside a crawlspace to store anything.

However, if you do have a crawlspace, it is a good idea to check it out from time to time. Many crawlspaces are susceptible to moisture and problems related to moisture. It behooves you to examine the space in case crawl space waterproofing could benefit you. It is also important to check it out to see if any or all of the following are currently plaguing your crawlspace.


Mold is not only bad for your house; it is also bad for you and your pets. Mold can make you really sick, and some types of mold, like black mold, can even kill you. It is very easy for mold to take up residence in a crawlspace because the mold has everything it needs: moisture, darkness, and room to spread out.


Unlike mold, mildew only comes in two colors—gray and white. True mildew has a much less earthy smell than mold, and it flakes off in a powdery white substance when dry. It tends to grow in the same areas as mold, but it has less of a fluffy or slimy appearance and more of a lacey appearance. You cannot make mildew spread by bumping it, but you can make mold spread that way.

Lots of Wet, Rotting Debris Left Behind by Previous Owners

If you have never opened your crawlspace before and you suspect that it is definitely wet and/or damp, you need to go open it now. There is a very good chance that previous owners forgot that they had stuff stored there. It could be soaking wet and rotting.


Homeowners are shocked when they initially find roaches living in their crawlspaces. Even if you have not seen a roach inside the house until now, that does not mean that the roaches are not present in your home. More shockingly, roaches love the dankness, mold, mildew, and dark corners that a crawlspace provides, at least until their population gets so large that they start migrating all over the house.

This one factor alone is reason enough to get into the crawlspace and get a really good look at things. If you are too freaked out by this idea, hire a pest control expert to take a look for you. If you do have roaches in there, the pest control expert can treat your crawlspace on the same visit.

Millipedes and Centipedes

These creepy crawlers love crawlspaces, too. Crawlspaces are dark, dank, and moist, and there are other bugs present on which they may feast. Getting rid of all of the creepy bugs is as simple as waterproofing the crawlspace and then spraying the crawlspace monthly to prevent reinfestations. 

Rodents and Snakes

If your crawlspaces are low to the ground and close to outside walls, rodents will nest in them. Once the rodents are present, snakes will follow the rodents into the crawlspace. (Snakes and lizards also enjoy the cool dampness of a wet crawlspace because they can get out of the sun on hot days and hibernate all day.) Before long, you have a whole food chain residing in the space. Taking a regular peek inside will help you uncover any rodent guests and prevent reptilian guests from moving in. 

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