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Avoid These 3 Problems By Hiring A Flood Cleanup Company To Clean Your Flooded Basement

Dealing with a flood inside your basement can be overwhelming, but cleaning up the mess properly is very important for the structure of your house and for your safety. If you think you can handle the mess alone, you may want to think again. If you do it yourself and fail to complete the project properly, you will end up with these three problems.

Hidden Damage

Even when minor flooding occurs in a home, the hidden damage can be tremendous. Because water is a liquid, it can permeate through almost anything, and it tends to work with gravity. When water enters your basement, it can destroy the floors, walls, and your belongings.

Your first instinct might be to suck all the water out with a mop or shop vacuum, and after that you may run fans to dry everything out. This will work out fine if the amount of water was minimal, but it will not be a good solution if the water has invaded the floors and walls. No matter what you do, it may be nearly impossible to truly dry out every part of the basement that was affected by the water.

Failing to dry everything out and remove any damaged materials can cause problems with the structure of your house, but there are also secondary issues created by trapped water.

Contamination, Bacteria, and Germs

One of the secondary problems caused by flooding is contamination, and this could also be considered a hidden danger because you probably will not be able to see the germs and bacteria left by the flooding. Flood waters can bring many types of bacteria into a home, and it can also leave mud and debris inside your house.

Because of this, drying out the room is not enough to ensure that the area is safe to use. After the water is removed from the room and repairs are made, the entire area will need to be completely sanitized. This is a big job, but it is important for your safety.

A flood cleanup crew can handle this task for you, and they are likely to use commercial-strength cleaning solutions to do this. When they are finished, the germs will be completely gone and the room will be safe for your family.

Bad Smells

Finally, you should realize that if the flood cleanup job is not thoroughly completed, you could be left with a problem that will be impossible to fix–mold and mildew. Mold and mildew tend to appear and spread in areas that are humid and moist, and a flooded basement offers the perfect environment for this.

Not only is mold smelly, but it can also be dangerous to your health. If you breathe it in, it could make you sick, and it can also worsen certain types of health conditions. The trouble is that finding mold can be difficult. It tends to hide in areas that you cannot see, such as the walls and floors.

Through professional flood cleanup services, you will not have to worry about finding or smelling mold and mildew in your home. They will take every step necessary to remove all the water, dry the entire area, and replace any components of the house that might contain water or damage from the flooding.

Instead of trying to complete a big job like this on your own, contact a professional flood cleanup company. Keep in mind that your home insurance is likely to cover some or all of the costs involved with the services, and hiring a professional to do the work is a guarantee the job will be done right.

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